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Gender of Baby: a little Jinoe or a little Que?


Is it a boy or a girl? Many are asking. Many are guessing. Last Tuesday, we had a ultrasound to check for the baby’s growth. Quennie is on her 6th month now and the baby’s gender can be determined already. Is it a little Jinoe or a little Quennie?

Birthing classes in the Philippines

Birthing class

Last week, I had the monthly check up with my OB, Doc D Sarmiento.  I’m 5 months and almost a week pregnant then.  I have been reading books and online forums on pregnancy.   I have also researched the available birthing classes offered.  That leaves me, consulting Doc D what she recommends about it or if […]

Shopping for Maternity Clothes

Nice Preggy Wear. One of the nice outfit I'll look for in local stores. I would like to have one!

Since Jinoe is busy with the changes taking place in soon, I’m taking over ManokanExpress for now. When we learned I’m pregnant, one thing that keeps me excited is shopping – for my new set of outfits, baby clothes and other baby needs! About a month ago, I did my first shopping of maternity […]

An Early Father’s Day Celebration

Positive Pregnancy Test Kit

“I’m delayed.” That’s what Quennie said a few weeks ago. Of course, I know what it means. She might be pregnant. I suggested buying a pregnancy test kit. Last Monday, we decided to buy one after completing our grocery list. We went to Watson’s. We were still pointing to each other who will be the […]

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