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My Road to Riches – Unwish List

Many people are making their list of needs and wants.  Maybe before the year starts, they have a list of things they want to have and own.  They will save for it and once they reach the price, they will buy it right away. I have my own list too.  But its a list of what […]

My Road to Riches – Tracking Numbers

One of my resolution this year is to track my income and expenses religiously.  I don’t do a detailed tracking for a long time.  I would often stop whenever there is a big movement or distraction in my cash flow like a loan, someone borrowing money, a big purchase, or I just dont have money […]

My Road to Riches – Cents Matters

Would waste your time for 25 cents? This is what I hate when buying in department stores.  They ask you to pay 499.75 but they wont have a change for your 500 bill.  You have been taxed by the government.  They placed a mark-up on the price.  And now they wont even give you your […]

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