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Rain Spoiled My Day

I can’t call this my Milo story. It’s not worth for even a glass of Milo. While everyone was out in the rain running during the 32nd Milo Marathon, I was fast asleep. I did wake up at 5:00 am to prepare. But the rain was a bit strong at our end that I decided […]

Nike+ Sensor Dissected

When I first saw the Nike+ Gear I was amazed by the product and the technology. Being an engineer, my first question was:  How did they do that? How was the sensor able to pick up the signals from the shoe and transmit it to the iPod? How does it calculate the pace and distance […]

Running Events in August

I won’t be joining any road races until the end of the month and concentrate on the long run practices to prepare myself for a possible 42K before the year ends. So, I’ll be missing some good runs like the the TNF North Face 100K Ultra Marathon in Tagaytay and the Robinson Supermarket 5k Wellness […]

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