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Ambigram – Kwan

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Ambigram + Bleach Art

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Ambigram – Mimi

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Ambigram – Ebet

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Ambigram – Vista

I just thought of working on this one when I made an ambigram wallpaper for a friend.  I liked how the ambigram of her name looked like as a wallpaper on my desktop so I decided to make one for myself.  The word “vista” came to my mind since I am using Windows Vista and […]

Ambigram – Doug

I am very much in the mood to work on ambigrams this week.  I was able to work on three.  This is my second ambigram for the week.  The recent holidays are giving me plenty of time to work on them.  This ambigram is for my boss.  Sip sip ba.  The design just came to […]

Ambigram – Modee

Here’s an ambigram request from my officemate – Modee.  Quite a unique name and I sometimes wonder where that name came from.  But she says that its easy to remember the name by associating it with the word “model”.  That closely describes her as well.  So I made an ambigram that seems to be fit […]

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