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Piggybank Sponsors My Shopping Spree

After three years, I decided to open up my piggy bank last weekend.  I’m proud of it since it’s my first time to save this amount using a piggy bank.  Every weekend, if there is something left from my budget, I place it in my pigybank.  I only placed 100 pesos paper bills or higher so […]

My Road to Riches – Cash or Card

I use to have 4 credit cards.  All of them are active and at the same time free of any debt.  When my wallet was stolen last year, I have to live without my credit cards.  For six months, I was able to live without one credit card and realized some advantages and disadvantages.

My Road to Riches – Delaying Tactics

I can make a long list of things I want to buy right now.  When I go to the malls, I can’t help but look at all the new clothes from my favorite shops and the latest gadgets on display.  Then, I’d resist the tempation to go to the nearest atm or pull my credit […]

My Road to Riches – Time Deposit Experience

Time deposit is a low risk investment.  It’s a sure way to gain money.  Very little money.  But it’s better than the average savings account.  With BPI, the interest for a regular savings account is only 0.625% p.a..  While in their Direct Time Deposit rate, the lowest is at 1.375% upon maturity.  It’s also convinient […]

My Road to Riches – My Biggest Liability

I always talk about saving money and making the most out of my money.  So you might think I damn rich.  DAMN WRONG.  I’m still broke.  Why?  Where did all my money go? This is where my money go.  Well, most of it anyway.

My Road to Riches – The Don'ts I Easily Fall Into

In the book “Don’t spend your raise and 59 other money rules you can’t afford to break”, Dara Duguay outline some do’s and don’ts in managing personal finances.  The book is a simple outline of the rules with real life examples of people who followed or disobeyed the rules.  I can easily relate with most of […]

My Road to Riches – Banks and Interests

After keeping coin banks, next is doing business with a real  bank.  Banking is very convinient.  Allows me to keep some of my money and earn a little. In fact, its very little.  Earning interests are so small in most banks but the charges are high.  So I also make the most with these banks.

My Road to Riches – The Coin Bank

I learned to start saving since I was a kid.  That’s why I have a habit of saving.  Of course, I started out small.  I started with the basics — a coin bank.  Today, I still have a coin bank for the coins and a paper bank for the paper bills. It’s easy to keep coins.  […]

My Road to Riches – Giving Gifts

I am scared with birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas.  This means spending.  Of course, the essence of these occasions is to show that you care and show how thoughtful you are.  I’m caring and thoughtful so I give gifts. Looking for gifts is also fun.  I bring a checklist and gift ideas.  Get around the stores and […]

My Road to Riches – Credit Cards

Bad credit can ruin my finances.  Yet, having a credit card has a lot of advantages.  Besides, you can’t avoid those agents calling you up in the office telling you to get the lastest card account they are offering.  And they have such lovely, bewitching voices that just makes me say “Yes”. So I ended […]

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