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My Road to Riches – Living at 80%

Amidst the global economic crisis, we are being told to that it is time to be in survival mode. Those who are able to survive will have a good chance in bouncing back big time once the recession is over. So this morning, our company challenged us: How will you survive if you only get […]

My Road to Riches – Another Inconvenient Truth

I found that there is nothing convenient about convenience stores when it comes to prices. I used to buy some snacks during work at a convenience store beside the gasoline station. Chips, biscuits, and candies. I also buy some sports drinks whenever I finish running at Ministop or 7-11. Later, I compared the prices when […]

My Road to Riches – Brands that makes me go DUH!

From time to time there will be things in the market that people will go mad over it. It will start out as a fad and people will buy them like crazy. And very often I dont get carried away, simply because I cannot afford them. But there are certain brands that I just dont […]

My Road to Riches – Unwish List

Many people are making their list of needs and wants.  Maybe before the year starts, they have a list of things they want to have and own.  They will save for it and once they reach the price, they will buy it right away. I have my own list too.  But its a list of what […]

It's not worth it

I realized two things last weekend. 1)  Manila Ocean Park didn’t meet my expectations.  At 400pesos, I find it expensive. 2)  The free Ipod Nano from BDO was too good to be true.  It’s free with a big IF. For me, they’re not worth it… yet.

My Road to Riches – Tracking Numbers

One of my resolution this year is to track my income and expenses religiously.  I don’t do a detailed tracking for a long time.  I would often stop whenever there is a big movement or distraction in my cash flow like a loan, someone borrowing money, a big purchase, or I just dont have money […]

My Road to Riches – Turning a Hobby into a Business

I wanted to have my own business someday.  I am inspired by those simple people making it big in business, office workers turned entrepreneur, and several new franchise ideas that made money.  A lot of business ideas are coming to my mind as well.  Some are related to my passion like setting up a bookstore, […]

My Road to Riches – Cents Matters

Would waste your time for 25 cents? This is what I hate when buying in department stores.  They ask you to pay 499.75 but they wont have a change for your 500 bill.  You have been taxed by the government.  They placed a mark-up on the price.  And now they wont even give you your […]

My Road to Riches – Keeping records

I was tagged by jetskee to give just one advice on personal finance. I am not an expert.  I don’t even stick to my own rules.  So my advice would come from other sources that I have read, seen or heard.  And here is my advice:  Keep a record of cash flows and a budget. I […]

My Road to Riches – Engineer Role Models

I have been contemplating on what business to start and own someday.  After reading the book Go Negosyo by Joey Concepcion, I was inspired by the success of some individuals who made it big.  From simple start ups to successful franchises, they can really tell you anyone can make it big. I was greatly inspired […]

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