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Video: Cebu Pacific Airlines Dancing Flight Attendants

We used to memorize the speech of the flight attendants when doing the safety demonstrations onboard an aircraft. Now they they have the dance moves that comes with it! A good way to for passenger to listen to what they are saying. I heard this news days ago but it’s just now that I saw […]

Volunteer Work Experience – Hands On Manila Servathon


I have been doing volunteer work with Hands On Manila (HOM) for more than 5 years now. Servathon is the annual fundraising event where people in the corporate world doing volunteer jobs simultaneously in different locations in Manila. This year is the 9th HOM Servathon and a total of 11,800 students and 120 teachers in […]

Charice Pempengco – Glee Season 2

Glee Season 2

It’s officially the start of Glee Season 2! I have not seen any episodes of Glee before but I love the songs included in the series. Last night I had a glimpse of Episode 1: Audition. Jinoe have an online streaming link for me!

Shopping for Maternity Clothes

Nice Preggy Wear. One of the nice outfit I'll look for in local stores. I would like to have one!

Since Jinoe is busy with the changes taking place in soon, I’m taking over ManokanExpress for now. When we learned I’m pregnant, one thing that keeps me excited is shopping – for my new set of outfits, baby clothes and other baby needs! About a month ago, I did my first shopping of maternity […]

An Early Father’s Day Celebration

Positive Pregnancy Test Kit

“I’m delayed.” That’s what Quennie said a few weeks ago. Of course, I know what it means. She might be pregnant. I suggested buying a pregnancy test kit. Last Monday, we decided to buy one after completing our grocery list. We went to Watson’s. We were still pointing to each other who will be the […]

I Think We Won

Election Results

I don’t know if the results are official but I believe it is.  My father won the elections as one of the eight councilors, or Sangguniang Bayan member, of Pontevedra Negros Occidental.  This is his second term already. In the previous election, he was 8th of 8.  This time he is 7th of 8.  Some […]

Buses and Books

Bus Alabang - Calamba - Lawton

Where’s my favorite hangout to read a book?  An airconditioned coffee shop?  No.   A spacious library?   No.  A clean public park?  No.   I love to read books inside a public bus.   Or any public vehicle. Maybe I am just nostalgic.

Dogs Go to Heaven and the Grocery Store


I love dogs and grew up with pets dogs. We owned dachshund and a Spitz before. I don’t have a pet here in Manila since I don’t think I can take care of a dog properly. No one will feed the dog when I’m off to work. While I love dogs, I just would like to pose a […]

A Sons Advice to his Father in Political Campaigns


My father is running for municipal office the second time.  Last 2007, he ran for councilor or Sangunian Bayan (SB) Member.  It was his first time to enter politics but has been a long time public servant.  He has been leading the emergency and rescue efforts under National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) in Pontevedra and nearby […]

The next M

The Letter M

Before 2009 came in, I blogged about my three goals for that coming year. Each of them starts with the letter M.  Married life, Master’s degree and a Marathon.   When 2009 ended, I only accomplished the first M. I got married on April 19, 2009.  Quennie and I will be celebrating our first year wedding […]

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