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Buses and Books

Bus Alabang - Calamba - Lawton

Where’s my favorite hangout to read a book?  An airconditioned coffee shop?  No.   A spacious library?   No.  A clean public park?  No.   I love to read books inside a public bus.   Or any public vehicle. Maybe I am just nostalgic.

When 1+1=1

I have to be smart in these hard times. I have two defective earphones.  One is Philips and the other was a Pioneer.  Each one has only one side of the earphones working.  The other side is busted.  I have to twist the coated wire several times to make it work.  Then, a little head […]

Namets Guid Eh

Namets is a modern twist to the word “namit”. It is an Ilonggo word which means delicious or yummy. Namets is the title of the movie by Jay Abello which was shown during the last Cinemalaya Festival. When my friend Alan aka Mr. Girl Trouble, text me that Namets will be shown at Active Vista […]

.MOV 3

My high school friends and I went to watch .mov 3 at Robinson’s Galleria last Wednesday to view the screening of our high classmate’s shortfilm. .MOV is a filmfest of movies from digital filmmakers which started last 2002. This year, films are shown at Robinson’s Galleria from September 30 to October 7, 2008. This is […]

Girl Trouble

Update 10-30-2007 Girl Trouble is now available at Powerbooks.  Look for it at the Psychology Section.  I don’t know how it got there but that is how it was categorized by Powerbooks. Girl Trouble by Alan Navarra.  It’s a book which will be out very very soon.  It will be out this week in major […]

Meet Chippie

I’ll be returning my laptop to my current company since I’ll be leaving by the end of the month.  I would need a PC to continue on my thesis and for other personal uses, so I decided to buy a new one for myself. I’ve been asking around on what makes a good PC and here […]

Not So Beautiful Minds – The Art of Chindogu

One of my aspirations as an engineer is to invent something that will be useful to mankind.  When I was still young I would scribble some spaceships and laser guns.  In college, I was able to attend a patent filing workshop and met a few Filipino inventors.  At work, we are encouraged to file for […]

Cellphones makes me stupid

I read an article in the newspaper today that cellphones makes you poor in memorizing things.  The article even challenges you if you can still remember your landline number.  I don’t have a landline today but I can still remember my landline number when I were in high school.  I bet some of my high […]

On the Lot

I stumbled on one episode of On the Lot at Star Movies Channel.  Its a new reality TV show featuring aspiring directors working their way in winning a 1 million dollar development deat with Dreamworks.  Wow!  Now I don’t want to miss an episode of this show. I love watching movies.  The show will showcase […]

Way Back Into Love

I have seen the movie “Music and Lyrics” starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore.  It was good.  At first, I was disappointed that they only made one song together.  I was expecting that they would make more hits and have them all in a soundtrack.  That didn’t meet my expectation.  Instead, they just made one […]

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