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Amazon launches the Kindle Fire

Amazon launches tablet computer, the Kindle Fire. Jeff Bezos, chairman and CEO of, introduces the Kindle Fire at a news conference, Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2011 in New York. The e-reader and tablet has a 7-inch (17.78 cm) multicolor touchscreen. Read more news here: Amazon launches tablet computer, the Kindle Fire

Is facebook really shutting down? True or Just A Hoax?

It’s spreading like wild fire.  News that Facebook is shutting down is being shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.  Is this true?  Or just another internet hoax?

Chillingo’s Cut the Rope Cosmic Box Update in Version 1.1 Coming Soon

After dethroning Angry Birds as the Top Games for iPhone, many fans are asking for the update which adds new levels to Chillingo’s Cut the Rope.  I’m one of those who is anticipating the update.  I finished all the stages and can’t wait to cut through new ropes and new levels. Chillingo has announced that Cut The […]

Cut the Rope iPhone Game Review: Sweet but Short

At first, I just tried out the free game of Cut the Rope after seeing it at No.1 in the iTunes Top Games.  After playing the free demo of Cut the Rope, I right away bought the full version of the game thru iTunes.  I found it addicting and very comparable to the hit iPhone […]

God of War Ghost of Sparta PSP Game Review

I just finished playing the God of War Ghost of Sparta in PSP.  It took me just 3 days to finish the game. Three days?!?!?  About 9 hours of play time in the Hero (Normal) Mode.  I am quite disappointed with the length of the game.  It ended so fast.  Other than that, the game […]

God of War Ghost of Sparta Hints and Tips

The God of War Ghost of Sparta is now out in the US. I’m still waiting for it to be available in the Philippines. While waiting, I just kept on playing the game demo to master the buttons and fight styles.

Top 3 Upcoming PSP Games for November 2010

I ran out of PSP Games to play with. My last UMD was the Ys Seven which I finished in less than two weeks. I was a bit disappointed that the game play was a bit short. Or maybe it was my fault since I just too much time on it to finish the game. […]

Chickie likes Katy Perry “Fireworks” in iPhone 4

One of the iPhone 4 Games I love to play is the Tap Tap Revenge. It’s fun and very entertaining. I don’t get bored playing with the tunes over and over again. Last week, I downloaded the Katy Perry Revenge Iphone 4 App by Bing. It was part of the launching of her new single […]

God of War: Ghost of Sparta PSP Edition to be Released on November 2, 2010

Winner of several awards, the God of War is back in PSP with the Ghost of Sparta.  This will be released on November 2, 2010 in the United States.  I can’t wait to get these one when it arrived in the Philippines.  Looks like I have to hold off buying the Fifa 11 UMD and […]

PSP Game Review: Hot Shots Tennis Get a Grip

I love playing Tennis in game consoles.  I could still remember how my cousins and I would take turns in beating the computer with the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainments System.  Now that I got a PSP, I bought the Hot Shots Tennis Get a Grip and relived the good days. Tennis is simple to play in […]

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