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Topsys & Turvys and the first ambigram

According to, the first known ambigram was created in 1893 by Peter Newell in the lasp page of his book “Topsys and Turvys”.  It read “THE END” normally and “PUZZLE” when inverted.

Free Ambigram Generator

You can create ambigrams manually on your own or you can use a generator. Here are some sites that you can check for free ambigram generators: You can check here the Best Ambigram Fonts and ambigram names:

My Top Five Best Ambigram Fonts

I’m back to making ambigrams.  Well almost.  I am starting to collect my favorite fonts again to use for the designs.  I’ll be working on some projects so I looked up some free fonts that I can use. I visit to download the free fonts.  I like this site since you can quickly preview […]

Ambigram – Cecil

Ambigram Cecil

This has been in my archive.  I think I made this last 2008 pa when I was busy making ambigrams for clients.  I missed this craft.  Lately, I have been receiving requests to design ambigrams for them.  If only I have plenty of time.  But I’m working on a new ambigram project.  Hopefully, it will […]

Ambigram – Heilig

“Its perfect! I love how it turned out. Thanks so much for the amazing work! I’m so glad that I found you and that you were able to do this for me!” — Kate on heilig ambigram Continue reading »

Ambigram – Veterinarian

“wow sir this is great! ayos! i really liked the paw prints pang vet talaga…” – malds on Veterinarian Ambigram Continue reading»

Loud and Proud Pinoy

Quennie rode a jam packed bus on the way home last week. It was crowded that there was no place to sit. Fortunately, a guy gave up his seat for her and stood instead. While the guy was standing up, she noticed the print at the back of his shirt. It looked familiar but quite […]

Ambigram – Anthony

“Excellent communication, excellent artistic vision, in the end it was even better than I expected and indeed a perfect reflection of what I wanted.” – Customer feedback on Anthony ambigram Continue reading…

Ambigram – Seven Sins

Continue reading >>

Ambigram – Karen

“Ei !!!! I like it! Sooo girla-lu nga!” Karen on Karen Ambigram Continue reading >>

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