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8 Back-to-Basics Running Tips to Start the Year Right

It is the first week of 2011 and I’m sure a lot of you are already hitting the road to train for your events or simply enjoy the run. Keep this year fun and injury-free by remembering the basics. Here are 8 basic tips that I’m am sure many seasoned runners are already aware of. […]

Teva Forge Pro Running Shoes For Review

I received a pair of new shoes last week.  This time its from Teva.  They provided me with a pair of Forge Pro.  They are called a muli-sport shoe since it can be a versatile.  You can use it on the road or on trail.

P.I. Band Order Form –

Be sure to bring some identification when you go outdoors.  It will help a lot during emergencies and could save your life. Introducing the P.I. Band which is locally available.  Check these features: Up to Six (6) lines for personal information. Clear and visible engraving. Fully adjustable velcro strap.  With three sizes to choose from. […]

The Most Expensive Garmin Watch


Because of running, I was vain enough to buy a very expensive watch.  It has the features many runners love.  Distance, pace, GPS, heart rate, map views and a lot more.  I used the money I earned from making ambigrams. Before I have to buy it online. I first bought a Garmin Forerunner 405 in […]

The Running Bs

April was a big month for me.  Aside from getting married, I also got to run in three great places in the country.  Boracay.  Bacolod.  Baguio. Boracay I never imagined myself going to Boracay this year.  But when Women’s Health invited Quennie to the magazine launch in Boracay last April 4-5, I was able to […]

No shower? No problem

I had a hard time waking up early in the morning.  With some urgent projects at work, I had my running schedule in a mess and missed a lot of mileage lately.  So I decided to run in the afternoon after work near the office and get back to the office before I hit the […]

1646: My Running Anniversary Post

It’s my 3rd Year Running Anniversary.  I started last Feb 26, 2006 during the 2nd International Pasig Marathon at the Fort. I was the perfect clueless newbie.  I wore the wrong shoes.  I was wearing a jogging pants.  I was wearing a cotton shirt.  That is how I started. Below is a repost from my […]

Running on a Historical Landmark

Quennie and I facilitated our church’s singles retreat at Pila, Laguna.  This was the same venue as last year’s retreat.  We decided to have a short weekend run in the area.  We dont have a specific route in mind so we just followed where the roads will lead us. The experience turned out to be […]

Running Pacman for a Commercial?

There was a sudden commotion near the office just this afternoon.  Our boss came to our cube and told us to take a peek from the window.  Surely, we saw a lot of people gathered outside.  But why? Then our boss told us its ok to go down.  And see it for ourselves. There is […]

Dream Run #2 – La Carlota City 22K

Quennie and I went home to Bacolod last week to finalize some arrangements for the wedding.  One thing I was excited about was a runabout. At first, I was planning to do a 42K from Pontevedra to Bacolod City.  But while we were travelling from the city to my hometown, I found the route a […]

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