Who is Manokan?

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An Online Journal about a man that chicken built.

Manok is the Ilonggo word for chicken. Manokan is a place where chickens exists. It can be a poultry or a sidewalk restaurant. But in Bacolod, its much more related to the latter. Just say you want to go to Manokan Country and you’re up for the best tasting grilled chicken in the world… the chicken inasal.

My parents have a poultry farm and now a small eatery where they serve inasal. I don’t help with the business. I just patronize and eat the chicken. The family business helped my parents in making both ends meet. Finally, they have an engineer and soon a doctor.


Manokan is…

… an ECE graduate and an engineer by profession.
ECE Board Exam Results

… an ambigram artist.
Ambigrafix @ WordPress
Ambigrams @ DeviantArt

… a church youth leader
PAC Youth Ministries @ Multiply

… a photographer wannabe.
Photos @ Multiply

… a groom-to-be.
Jinoe-Que @ Wedding Announcer

… a running enthusiast.
Takbo.ph – Discover Running

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