Topsys & Turvys and the first ambigram



According to, the first known ambigram was created in 1893 by Peter Newell in the lasp page of his book “Topsys and Turvys”.  It read “THE END” normally and “PUZZLE” when inverted.

Peter Newell was better known for his children’s books and for his illustrations for Lewis Carroll and Mark Twain than he was for his ambigrams. His novelty books includes THE SLANT BOOK and THE HOLE BOOK.

Topsys & Turvys is one of the two picture books he published. This is book of illustrations of invertible designs. The picture and the text turn into a completely different image when turned upside down. The other book is Topsys and Turvys 2.

Illustration by Peter Newell with The End/ Puzzle ambigram



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  1. apol says:

    hi, i just like to inquire if youre still making ambigrams. And how much do you charge? Thanks. You may email me at edorpiano at (just change the @ sign).


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