Pac-Man, the Musical



Pac-Man is a little yellow circle with a big mouth whose sole purpose in life is to roam a maze and chomp on the multiple Pac-dots that lie ahead of him. The hungry yellow circle guy is chased by evil ghosts along the way, who try to kill Pac-Man before he can finish eating all the dots. For those who missed this creature, Pac-Man gets a new exposure in video.

There’s Pac-Man the video game. Pac-Man the TV show. And now, some clever folks bring you Pac-Man the musical.

The excerpt shown in the video clip is “A Pacapella Song,” written by AJ Pinkerton. The silly song stars the ghosts, little brightly colored blobs, who have Pac-Man on the ropes. They sing that they are going to eat him: They will roast him, grill him, bake him, cake him.

As the gaming blog Kotaku points out, the singing version takes poetic license: In the video game, Pac-Man eats the ghosts, and the ghosts can’t do much more than knock him down with their ectoplasm.

And, spoiler alert: Just when it looks like Pac-Man will served up for supper, a power pill appears. Pac-Man munches it and saves himself. All’s well that ends well.

Here’s the video:

Pac-Man musical




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