God of War Ghost of Sparta PSP Game Review



I just finished playing the God of War Ghost of Sparta in PSP.  It took me just 3 days to finish the game. Three days?!?!?  About 9 hours of play time in the Hero (Normal) Mode.  I am quite disappointed with the length of the game.  It ended so fast.  Other than that, the game was wonderfully made.


  1. Beautiful graphics and cinematics.  Camera angles varies throughout the game making the scenes more interesting.  It can be a long shot or a close up which captures the effect and emotion in the scene.
  2. Cool moves and combo attacks.  There are plenty of attacks by Kratos to be unlocked every time you level up your weapons.  Be sure to collect those red orbs to upgrade them early in the game.
  3. Great story line.  The story is about Kratos looking for his brother Deimos.  How the gods are involved and the twist in the plot were nice.  Some were predictable but the videos in the game make the story line a must-see.


  1. Short game play.  I still feel bad that the game ended so fast.  I wonder if I missed something in the last part.  But that was it I guess. Just 9 hours of game play.  And they said the game was longer than the Chains of Olympus.
  2. Not for kids.  The violence and the sexual encounter in the Spartan brothel is definitely not for kids.  The violence is very extreme and the ladies are showing off their boobies.  Im a grown up so I like it.  😀

Overall, it is a great game.  You’ll love every moment of it that you wish it was longer.

I have some hints and tips posted here.

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