Gender of Baby: a little Jinoe or a little Que?




Is it a boy or a girl? Many are asking. Many are guessing. Last Tuesday, we had a ultrasound to check for the baby’s growth. Quennie is on her 6th month now and the baby’s gender can be determined already.

Is it a little Jinoe or a little Quennie?

Majority guessed it’s a girl based on old wived tales. Based on a Chinese Baby Gender Calendar, it’s a girl too. Are they right?

Here’s the complete ultrasound result.

It's a boy!

It's a boy!

It’s a BOY!!!

It’s time to go shopping for baby stuff. Hmm… Will the baby prefer PS3? Nintendo Wii? XBOX 360? iPad?
And the name? What’s in a name…

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2 Responses to “Gender of Baby: a little Jinoe or a little Que?”

  1. dhenztm says:

    Congratulations! First pic ni ‘Manokan Jr.’ …tingin ko hydration belt na may tsupon ang magugustuhan nya, o kaya VFF hehe =)

  2. Hardinera says:

    name is important, toto ji. :)

    kaya, choose well.

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