Cut the Rope iPhone Game Review: Sweet but Short



At first, I just tried out the free game of Cut the Rope after seeing it at No.1 in the iTunes Top Games.  After playing the free demo of Cut the Rope, I right away bought the full version of the game thru iTunes.  I found it addicting and very comparable to the hit iPhone game Angry Birds.

The objective of the game is to give Om Nom the Candy amidst different obstacles like spikes, bubbles, and spiders.  It uses physics to move the candy from one point to the next.  It’s unique and addicting.

Cut the Rope


  • Accurate physics – the motion of the objects are accurately done.  They move where you expect them to move.
  • Fun and addictive – I spent hours playing with it non-stop.  I always tell myself one more game everytime I finish a stage.  And then end up playing several more before turning it off.
  • Simple gameplay – The game is just simple.   The title says it all – cut the rope.  I also like that earning the 3-star rating is simply by just collecting all the three starts in each stage.


  • Little variety – there is little variations in the type of obstacles or on what Om Nom can do.  I hope there will be some upgrades or an increase in difficulty with the objects.
  • Very few levels – When I bought the game, I was expecting a long game play as the demo has promised.  To my surprised, there were only four levels with 75 stages each.
  • Few challenging stages – Most levels can be finished in one try.  It’s so simple.  Those that are difficult just require proper timing.  But once you see the stage, you will know what to do to earn all the three stars.


The cuteness and addicting gameplay makes up for all the shortcomings in Cut the Rope.  I can’t wait for the next update which promises new levels.



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