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I love playing Tennis in game consoles.  I could still remember how my cousins and I would take turns in beating the computer with the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainments System.  Now that I got a PSP, I bought the Hot Shots Tennis Get a Grip and relived the good days.

Tennis is simple to play in a game console.  Basically, you just have the direction and buttons for the shots.  But Hot Shots Tennis Get a Grip made it more interesting with cool characters, opponents and environment.

Here’s a review of the game:

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  1. Plenty of characters.  You can play with several main characters and secret characters to unlock.  Each has it own strenghts.  But in the end, I would stick to one whom I can be sure will win every game.
  2. Lots of upgrades and stuff to collect.  You play the game over and over again just to complete the upgrades, rackets, courts costumes and accessories.  It keeps me interested and play for more.
  3. Humor.  Some scenes are cute and makes ma laugh.  I love it when I hit the guy walking on the tightrope with the tennis ball in one of the courts featured in the game.
  4. Challenging.  While the game is simple, playing against the computer offers different levels of difficulty.  The Brutal Level is the hardest and I would spend a lot of time to beat the computer the first time.
  5. Cool moves.  I like the way they do the smash or frown over a missed ball.  Even though they are cartoons, but the emotion in the game is there.
  6. Cute.  Characters are cute.  Costumes are cute.

Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip Screenshot


  1. Collecting clothes, accessories is useless.  While every costume and accessories adds a few points in your stats, it doesn’t tell you what it will improve.  It’s a trail and error mix and match game to get the optimum combination to boost your stats.
  2. Replay is uncontrollable.  You can replay your previous shots but you can’t control the speed of the replay.  And the replay goes forward only.  You can rewind them back but you start from the beginning and play to the end.
  3. Too many secrets.  There are awards to unlock and it doesn’t give you a clue on what they are.  So it becomes a never ending game.  I still have more than 15 awards to collect and I dont know how to get them anymore.

Overall, Hot Shots Tennis:  Get a Grip is a simple and fun game for the PSP.  While I have completed the story mode, there are still plenty of things the game has to offer that I would play again without getting bored.

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