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Nice Preggy Wear. One of the nice outfit I'll look for in local stores. I would like to have one!

Since Jinoe is busy with the changes taking place in soon, I’m taking over ManokanExpress for now. :)

When we learned I’m pregnant, one thing that keeps me excited is shopping – for my new set of outfits, baby clothes and other baby needs!

About a month ago, I did my first shopping of maternity clothes. I need to buy office clothes for me to work, travel and move comfortably.

I find it fascinating checking maternity wears – from basic tees and tanks to denims, pants, shorts, and yes, my favorite are the dresses! Most of the local stores have this special section. Ofcourse, online shopping would give you unlimited choices!

80s Maternity Fashion

80s Maternity Fashion. Do mommies really look like these back then?

Gone are the days when pregnancy wardrobes were limited to smocks and overblouses. Unlike the old styles – typical big, boxy clothing, now there are unique and trendy maternity wears. Not only these clothes are interesting to look at but they are practical to wear – variety of items that ladies can continue to wear even after they get their shape back. I bet every women with a bump would feel sexy and attractive wearing them.

Nice Preggy Wear. One of the nice outfit I'll look for in local stores. I would like to have one!

Shopping during pregnancy for me is not just limited to maternity clothes. If it fits right and looks good on me, I’ll gladly wear them, even if they are not from the maternity department. Maternity clothes can be costly. Buying non maternity clothes or using what I currently own is the best way to keep my money’s worth.

What To Expect When You're Expecting

What To Expect When You're Expecting. Jinoe bought this from Booksale. My bedtime story book.

As from the book Jinoe gave me – What To Expect When You’re Expecting: “A pregnant woman’s bestfriend can be her husband’s closet. ” I definitely agree on this! Jinoe is running out of shirts and singlets as I love wearing them whenever I’m just at home. I think he needs to do his shopping too!



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  1. beabear says:

    cute <3

  2. er-er says:

    hi, quen! so excited to see your big bump. hihi.. tc!

  3. gbert says:

    jin and que, congrats gid!! long time no see!!

  4. QueGavan says:

    thanks for dropping by :)

    @er – we’ll see you in October. Puli kami da.

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