An Early Father’s Day Celebration



Positive Pregnancy Test Kit

“I’m delayed.”

That’s what Quennie said a few weeks ago. Of course, I know what it means. She might be pregnant. I suggested buying a pregnancy test kit.

Last Monday, we decided to buy one after completing our grocery list. We went to Watson’s. We were still pointing to each other who will be the one to ask the salesperson for the kits. I was pushing her in front and she was pointing me to make the move.

The salesperson must have noticed us and decided to offer her assitance. I ask where can we find the pregnancy test kits and she pointed to the stand just a couple of meters away.

Hiding our excitement, we slowly moved towards the stand and browsed thru the different kits. There were plenty of options and brands. We were amazed. I picked up the one with the familiar brand and proceed to the counter.

When we left Watson’s I was walking fast back home. Despite the heavy grocery bags, I managed to move fast while Que seems to be just strolling along. When we arrived, I immediately suggested for Quennie to drink a lot of water. She refused. Darn.

We watched TV, cooked for dinner, ate and I started working on the website. Quennie is not yet going to the toilet.

After about an hour, Quennie came to me and told me she feels like going to the toilet. She’s then asks me how to use the kit.

She loves to ask me questions as if I have tried using the pregnancy test kit before. She’s like that. I opened the box and quickly browse the instructions and gave her the part that has drawings on it. She read thru it and went to the toilet. I went back to my computer and waited for the results.

After a few minutes, Quennie came back holding the kit. She was holding it in such a way that the strips are hidden in her palms.

“What do you think?” she asked.

Before I could say my answer, she opened her palms and showed me the results. Two red strips. Bingo. It’s positive and the kit says it’s 99% accurate.

Positive Pregnancy Test Kit

I gave her a hug and placed my head on her tummy and said, “Welcome.” to the little seed inside her.

Father’s Day is this coming Sunday. And I’m going to be a father.



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17 Responses to “An Early Father’s Day Celebration”

  1. Vinz says:

    Been waiting for this blog for a while. Congrats!

  2. jgavan101 says:

    Thanks Bro. Sino susunod?

  3. congrats boss j! advance happy father’s day… lalaki yan, =)

  4. jarmie says:

    congrats Que and Jin!

  5. Yehey congrats Jinow and Queeee πŸ˜› So happpy for you guuuuys!Happy Father’s daaaaay!

  6. jetpaiso says:


  7. Tracy says:

    Congrats, Jinoe and Que! :)

  8. Parang alam ko kung kailan ginawa yan — ang dami nyong trips kasi nung summer! πŸ˜› Congrats to you both. Happy Father’s Day, Jinoe!

  9. ganns says:

    Congrats, dude! I pray God’s blessings on this new baby runner!

  10. erisa says:

    congrats once again, bok bok! so excited to see your mini manok! ano gina panamkon mo? :)

  11. Margalicious says:

    Congratulations mommy Q and daddy J. I’m praying for a happy pregnancy and a safe delivery. Ano kaya pinaglilihian ni Q now? :)

  12. Rumar Allan Lincod says:

    Congratulation!!!! Happy Father’s Day!!!!

  13. Karlo Benson says:

    Congrats Sir Jinoe, Ma’am Que!!! πŸ˜€

  14. woot woot! congrats mr and mrs. gavan! :)

  15. HighAltitude says:

    congratulation, Jinoe+Que!

  16. Bryan says:

    Congrats po Jinoe!

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