My Top Five Best Ambigram Fonts



I’m back to making ambigrams.  Well almost.  I am starting to collect my favorite fonts again to use for the designs.  I’ll be working on some projects so I looked up some free fonts that I can use.

I visit to download the free fonts.  I like this site since you can quickly preview the whole set of letters.  They load quickly too.  I often use Gothic or English fonts.  They are commonly used for ambigrams since the letters have a lot of potential to be manipulated to create the ambigram.  If you  look at my previous designs, they are often gothic or english fonts.  I also love scripts but they are difficult and rarely make a good design.

These fonts are not ambigram ready.  Meaning, you just don’t type the name or word using the fonts and create the ambigram instantly.  Instead,  you use these fonts as a base.  From them, I manipulate the letters to create the design.  It’s a long process that can take me weeks or months.  But it’s fun and worth it.

To make an ambigram using these font, you can print out all the letters and study them.  Make drafts on paper and turn it upside down several times.  It’s like studying calligraphy and soon you can make out ambigram words from the letters.

1.  English Towne – They are very basic gothic font and very easy to work with.  Athough they look monotonous and very common.  But if you want a quick design, this font will work with a lot of names.  It’s thick letters make it ideal for masculine names or word to signify strength and power.  The Jinoe ambigram was made using this font.

2.  Ruritania – Not really a gothic style but it was categorized as gothic.  I seldom use this but the uppercase letters are very stylish.  The styles are great to put ornaments to the letters.  Be careful not to over do it.  Check out my Ian-Ria ambigram using this font.

3.  Strassburg Fraktur – I haven’t use them for actual ambigrams but I study the letters in this font to give me new styles and new ways to represent the letter.  The uppercase letters are stylish too and it can inspire me to come up with new solutions.

4.  Ardenwood – Almost similar to English Towne but this time the letters are slim.  Ideal for feminine designs.  Ornaments are one of the best and I use them often in several designs.

5.  Medici Text – Another bold and strong font.  This one works for both masculine and feminine designs.  For male, just take away the ornaments.  For female, add the flowery styles as part of the text or as backgrounds.  The Karen ambigram was made using this font.



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4 Responses to “My Top Five Best Ambigram Fonts”

  1. I always love your work. very unique and strong with life. if you can make a RunningShield ambigram it would be great :-) kapal ko. will add on to my tatoo’s

  2. jgavan101 says:

    You gave me an ambigram project last time but never got to start on it. I’ll look into it again once I finish the two custom ambigrams I’m working on.

  3. Kirk Gzym says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. Are you going to write a new Photoshop tutorial any time soon?

  4. LadyBug says:

    I am interested in getting my daughters full name in an ambigram tattooed on me. You do some amazing work! Would love to know if you can draw it out for me?

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