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Bus Alabang - Calamba - Lawton

Where’s my favorite hangout to read a book?  An airconditioned coffee shop?  No.   A spacious library?   No.  A clean public park?  No.   I love to read books inside a public bus.   Or any public vehicle.

Maybe I am just nostalgic.

During elemetary and high school, I used to read books when I travel from school to house or from Bacolod to Hinigaran.  And I finished reading a lot of books every year.  Hardy Boys.   Bobbsey Twins.  Nancy Drew.   Choose Your Own Adventure.  Syndney Sheldon.   Daneille Stelle.   Micheal Crichton.  Stephen King.  Sweet Valley High.  And more…

This year, I promised to read books again. I already finished What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell, The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova, and recently The Winner Stands Alone by Paulo Coelho. Now I am reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson.

80% of the time, I read them while riding the bus from Makati to Alabang and back.

Maybe the books just transport me to another place that makes me forget the monotonous road I see everyday.  It makes me forget the 36C temperature outside, the crappy movie being shown or the boisterious radio station being played.

That’s why Buses and Books go together.

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One Response to “Buses and Books”

  1. Almario Setia says:

    Hi Jinoe,

    Hope you remember me. We rang your Papa today to congratulate him for being a winner the second time. I’d been monitoring his progress since the night of the election(ibanangayon.ph) and happy he was able to get in the Magic 8. He told me you’re on takbo.ph thus leading me into this website. Your Mom is not there at the time and your Tita Tess would like to have a chat – I forget to ask if they got access to internet.

    He told me (I also read about it just now) that you’re now married – congratulation!!
    We’ve seen Tatam (and your cousin) photo – “she’s lovely”.

    Cyndi is running a design studio (www.trialanderror.com.au) and Carlyn is still finishing her university.

    When are we going to have an “apo” from you???

    Look after Quennie and yourself.

    Kind regards,

    Tito Mario

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