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The Letter M

Before 2009 came in, I blogged about my three goals for that coming year. Each of them starts with the letter M.  Married life, Master’s degree and a Marathon.   When 2009 ended, I only accomplished the first M.

I got married on April 19, 2009.  Quennie and I will be celebrating our first year wedding anniversary this weekend.  The next M was completed early this year.  I finished two full marathons already.  The first one was the Cebu City Marathon last January and the next one was the Hong Kong Marathon last February.

It’s down to the final M.

The last time I read my thesis proposal was in 2007.  That’s almost three years of “rest” from the technical jungle.  It took me more than three months to come up with my thesis idea.  And after the thesis proposal, I moved to another company.  During the transition, I told myself to focus first with the new job function then go back to the thesis.  It didn’t happen.

Last year, I was close to starting it again.   I contacted the school for enrolment procedures.  Checked my adviser.  Reviewed a few notes.  But then the recession came in and the tuition fee assistance of the company was put on hold, I wasn’t able to pursue it.  My salary can’t pay for my academics so I have been dependent on the company’s subsidy.

Just yesterday, it was announced that the tuition fee assistance is again being offered.  This is my chance.  I can finally finish my thesis and have my Master’s Degree in ECE.  The 3 Ms are finally complete.

But do I have time for it?  I remember sleeping at 3 in the morning for my thesis proposal.  How much more if I will be working on the final thesis itself.  How do I balance everything?  The work, the meetings, the blog, the runs?  Oh my… this is going to be a roller coaster ride.

It is obvious that if I would need to finish my thesis, I need to drop some of my current activities.  Looks like running will be minimized.  I don’t think I can train and run another full marathon.  Just the usual 10Ks and 21Ks for maintenance maybe.  Even less on the 21Ks.  Then the blogs at need some assistance.  I have friends who writes for me.  Now, they need to write more.

I am not enrolled yet.  I’m still calculating how I can manage to handle all these things this year.  Maybe I will enroll during the second semester.  By that time, I have figured it out already.

Good thing I only have 3 Ms.  What if it was four?



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6 Responses to “The next M”

  1. How about “Mini Manok” for number 4? =)

    Happy anniv you two lovebirds =)

  2. jinoe says:

    Mini Manok? Hehehe… yep its a goal. Madali lang naman ipasok sa schedule ang paggawa nyan. 😛

  3. Rod says:

    talagang may schedule? hahahaha

    hanga ako sa iyo bro! bilib ako sa focus mo. keep it up!

    you’re the man!

  4. Mike says:

    All you need is time management! Wala ka namang bisyo so madali sa yo yan! Hehe! Good luck on your thesis! Soon, you will be a Master na rin! Woohoo!

  5. jgavan101 says:

    @mike. Hindi ba bisyo ang pagtatakbo? Hehehe.

  6. Margalicious says:

    Enroll na. Maraming sasabay sa iyo. Isa na ako dun! Good luck!

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