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Jojo's Christmas Cottage

After our trip to Boracay, our flight back to Manila will be via Kalibo.  Quennie arranged to have a side trip to the Sampaguita Gardens in Kalibo which is just about 15-20 minutes from the airport.  It was also the perfect time to meet Clarissa, our sponsored child thru World Vision, who is based in Aklan.  It has been more than four years since Quennie met her in Iloilo.  I haven’t met Clarissa yet. JZRSTXUHMRP9

How to go to Sampaguita Gardens

From Kalibo Airport, you just need to take a tricycle.  The place is known to Aklanons, so most drivers will get you there and it’s just a short ride.

From Boracay, you need to take the ferry boats to Caticlan Pier.  Then take a bus or an FX to Kalibo Airport.  I don’t know if the buses or the FX will pass by the Sampaguita Gardens.   You can ask.  If not, drop off from the airport, and you can take the tricycle.  Or if you have extra cash, the hotels in Boracay can arrange a special trip to get you to Sampaguita Gardens.  This costs us about 1,500Php. The travel time from Caticlan Pier to Sampaguita Gardens is about one and a half hour.

Visiting Sampaguita Gardens

Basically Sampaguita Gardens is a showcase of Precious Moments products.  Precious Moments are those cute tear-shaped eye kid figurines and drawings.  You can’t help but adore these You can see the collection created by Sam Butcher from the figurines, dolls, and artworks.  And everyday is Christmas.  The entire theme of the place is Christmas.  There are Christmas greetings everywhere.  At night, Christmas lights will adorn the entire place.  It is also a resort with a swimming pool and rooms to spend the night.

The Precious Moments Nativity Scene

The Precious Moments Nativity Scene even when it's April.

The most interesting places would be Jojo’s Christmas Cottage, a replica of the Precious Moments Chapel in USA, Precious Moments Gallery and Sam Butcher’s Mansion which is open to public.

Jojo’s Christmas Cottage

Jojo’s Christmas Cottage is locate right in the center of Sampaguita Garden.  This is an all-year round Christmas store.  It houses a lot of Precious Moments Collection that you can purchase.  Precious moments figurine, Precious Moments Dolls and even a Filipino Precious Moments Doll Collection.  On the second floor is a Christmas Gallery which shows the different symbols and ornaments during Christmas.  It’s like an exhibit of Christmas Trees, Snowman, and Angels.  On the walls are the words Christmas in many languages.

Jojo's Christmas Cottage

Jojo's Christmas Cottage at Sampaguita Garden

Christmas Tree

Christmas tree inside Jojo's Christmas Cottage

Precious Moments Doll Collection

Precious Moments Doll Collection

Precious Moments Figurines

Precious Moments Figurines on Sale

Check more photos of Jojo’s Christmas Cottage here.

Precious Moments Chapel

Close to Jojo’s Christmas Cottage is a small replica of the Precious Moments Chapel in USA.  Sam Butcher himself painted all the murals inside and outside the chapels.  Check out the chapel door.  You’d notice that the other side is intentionally inverted.

Precious Moments Chapel

Inside the Precious Moments Chapel replica. All the murals on the walls and ceiling were hand painted by Sam Butcher himself.

Check more photos of the Precious Moments Chapel here.

Precious Moments Gallery

To know a history of the Precious Moments and about Sam Butcher, you have to go to the Gallery.  Aside from showcasing the different figurines, you can read how Precious Moments started.  The gallery also features “The First 21” which are the first set of Precious Moments figurines produced.  It also shows pictures of Sam Butcher and his family.

Precious Moments - The First 21

Precious Moments - The First 21

Check more photos inside the Gallery here.

Sam Butcher’s Mansion

There were other rooms and galleries to visit but the last one we visited was the mansion of Sam Butcher at Sampaguita Garden.  It’s not a big mansion but inside the furnitures and decors are fit for a mansion.  My favorite room was the library.  I think we have the same taste in art.  A lot of books about Van Gogh and the other impressionist artists.

Sam Butcher's Mansion

Facade of Sam Butcher's Mansion

Sam Butcher's Library

I am drooling over his collection of books featuring the works of my favorite artists - Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Picasso.

Cory Aquino's Gift

The painting here is painted by Cory Aquino. The photo below shows Cory receiving the Precious Moments version of her by Sam Butcher.

Check more photos of Sam Butcher’s Mansion here.

For a day tour, Sampaguita Gardens is a nice place to visit.  If you are planning to go to Boracay, you might want to consider dropping by.  There are overnight rooms and restaurants inside.  However, the rooms doesn’t look to be well-maintained.  Other amenities like the playground and the kiddie rides are already broken.  But don’t miss to see the wide collection of Precious Moments.  If you are a fan, you have to see them here.

Sampaguita Gardens Resort is located at 506 Rizal Street, Poblacion, New Washington, Aklan.

Contact numbers are: (6336) 264-3422; (6336) 264-3474.



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  1. isay says:

    waaaaa! kahilisa!

  2. jgavan101 says:

    Hapos lang na kadtuan Er. Pero dala ka guid damo damo nga kuwarta kay damo ka guid to mabakal. Hehehe…

  3. Never heard of this place in Kalibo. Might check it out when i go this week =)

  4. I’ve never heard of Sampaguita Gardens, but as an avid Precious Moments collector I’m so glad I ran across your website. Thank you for sharing what looked to be a wonderful trip. Sampaguita Gardens are now on my list of ‘must visit’ destinations.

  5. ninch says:

    Wow!! I want to visit too.. How much is the entrance fee?? We’re going to boracay this month and we plan to visit in this place before going to the Iloilo Airport.. Anung oras kaya pwd umalis ng boracay if we’re catching a flight on 7:55PM? 😀

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  8. michelle says:

    anyone knows sampaguita gardens email add or how much per stay in their place?

  9. QueGavan says:

    hi michelle. thanks for visiting. i have updated the article to include the contact numbers. enjoy your visit!

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