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Perencah Kari

A Nestle TV commercial confess that it pays to check the label.  That is if you can read the label.  A while ago, I had some instant noodles which I got from my officemate.  It was a Maggi Perencah Kari from Malaysia.  Maybe it’s hot and spicy since the label shows a red soup.  But the color red can mean other things like strawberry flavor or red tea.  Asian food has plenty of surprises.

So I cooked the noodles.  I only followed the illustrations on how to prepare it.  It say’s mi 2 minit which I deduce to mean only 2 minutes.  At the back it shows 2 200mL cups and the seasoning.  Simple food.

And when it was ready, I scooped a spoonful of the soup, blew it a little to cool it down and sipped it.  Still I was curious how it will taste like.

Waaaah!!!  It was very hot and very spicy.  I immediately reached for some cold water from the fridge.  I finished a glass but the spice was still on my lips.  I allowed the noodle soup to cool off for a while.  I was able to finish the noodles but I can sip all of the soup.  It was just too spicy for me.  I finished it with sweat trickling down from my head, arms and chest.

I tried searching what Perencah Kari means.  Google shows no definition of Perencah Kari or its translation.  Would you know?  Help me check the label.



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8 Responses to “It’s not enough to read the label”

  1. Let Guieb says:

    Hi Jinoe, Let here, it’s curry flavor that’s why it’s hot and spicy. BTW, that is a special product of Maggi in Malaysia, you can add a squeeze of lemon. Regards to Que :)

  2. MikeMD says:

    Favorite ko na Jin. I assume you are not a spicy food fan. You can add more water para indi masyado kaspicy.

  3. jgavan101 says:

    I like spicy food pero this one hindi ko na kaya.

  4. jgavan101 says:

    Ahhh… pang sunog dila. 😛

  5. onerazan says:

    according to (malay to english), it’s curry flavor :)

  6. i love to eat asian foods because they are tasty and spicy.”*.

  7. what i love about asian foods is that they are always tasty and spice“;

  8. i find asian foods to be a bit spicy compared to italian foods”:

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