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During the iBlgo6 where I gave a talk on the topics, Launching Successful Blog Contest, one question came up and I find myself was not convinced of my answer.  I didn’t think I conveyed the message right.

The question was – Once you run a online contest, how do you keep the new readers who joined your contest for the first time to keep them coming back to your website?

My answer was disorganize but it was about giving compelling content.  So the redeem myself, here’s a better way of saying it.  For the reader to come back to your blog after a contest, it boils down to the content of your blog.

Example, a new food product sends out a contest to make them known and capture a market.  A consumer gets attracted to the product because of the contest.  Now he tries the product.  What happens next is up to the product.  If it tastes good, the consumer buys more.  If it tastes bad, then the consumer won’t bother buying another one.

I believe same goes to blogs and the online contest.  The online contest is a sure way to have readers coming to your site.  But whether they stay or come back for more, depends on whether they will like your blog or not.  You really have to keep a good content in you blog to have your readers visit them regularly.



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