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Uncalled Blessings

I should be have been in Italy. Early last year, an employer called me if I was still interested in a position I applied for last 2007. I said yes and we got thru the hiring process again. Middle of the year, I got the job and I accepted the offer. I can’t resist that […]

Running Pacman for a Commercial?

There was a sudden commotion near the office just this afternoon.  Our boss came to our cube and told us to take a peek from the window.  Surely, we saw a lot of people gathered outside.  But why? Then our boss told us its ok to go down.  And see it for ourselves. There is […]

Dream Run #2 – La Carlota City 22K

Quennie and I went home to Bacolod last week to finalize some arrangements for the wedding.  One thing I was excited about was a runabout. At first, I was planning to do a 42K from Pontevedra to Bacolod City.  But while we were travelling from the city to my hometown, I found the route a […]

My new GF

This is the Garmin Forerunner (GF) that Ambigrams Built. I have been making ambigrams for more than a year.  I would earn in US Dollars which I would keep in my Paypal Account.  Since converting them to pesos goes thru a lot of deductions, I would usually use them for online shopping.  So far I […]


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When 1+1=1

I have to be smart in these hard times. I have two defective earphones.  One is Philips and the other was a Pioneer.  Each one has only one side of the earphones working.  The other side is busted.  I have to twist the coated wire several times to make it work.  Then, a little head […]

The Pre-Marital Chronicles – Entrance Song and Running on the Beach

One of the grandest part of a wedding is the entrance of the bride.  And the music being played during the entrance adds up to make it one of the most dramatic moments in the ceremony. I am in charge in looking for the music for our wedding and I have been looking for songs […]

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