No shower? No problem



I had a hard time waking up early in the morning.  With some urgent projects at work, I had my running schedule in a mess and missed a lot of mileage lately.  So I decided to run in the afternoon after work near the office and get back to the office before I hit the road back home.

We don’t have a shower at work.  I would just have a small towel to wet and wipe myself dry.  Then a deodorant and perfume.

But after reading the January 2009 issue of Runners World they recommended more items for the runners kikay kit.

  1. Baby wipes – I think this is a good idea and I should add this up in my desk.
  2. Baby powder – hmmm… I have to pass on this one.
  3. Deodorant – check!
  4. Hand towel – check!
  5. Liquid Soap – Let me think about this.
  6. Comb – check!

I am not used to run after work.  But I need to be flexible.  So time to go to the grocery and have a stock of these.



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9 Responses to “No shower? No problem”

  1. i2runner says:

    Wow! Now that’s a real running warrior.

  2. lauren says:

    Great, Natz is right!
    We just found another way to squeeze in running into the sched then. =P

    Jinoe add rubbing alcohol to the list…it works, according kay OC nung varsity pa sha ng climbing (early morning training then have to go back to class)…and kunyari, di ko pa yan na-try kaya si OC ang example natin. LOL!

  3. carlo says:

    good post. :)

    ever since i started running, i always keep a backpack loaded with running essentials, consisting of run clothes, pampalit, and bath gear (may shower kasi sa meralco kaya i get to take a cold bath after). :)

    add na rin natin sa list: snacks filled with sodium (i.e. nagaraya or chocomucho) :)

  4. Sean william says:

    if there’s a will.. there’s a way! go go go jinoe!

  5. isay says:

    mayo siguro may baby powder ka. kainit nga daan subong. don’t forget rubbing alcohol. wala daan shower. hehehe…

  6. dhenztm says:

    buti na lang di ko kailangan ng suklay hehe. Sanitizing gel or alcohol gamit kong alternative sa liquid soap.

    Grabe walang ligo tapos perfume… masking hehehe 😀

  7. Roy says:

    Jinoe, pwde naman de tabo w/ d faucet in restrooms d b? or u can buy dis shower thingy dat u can shove up any faucet and u have an instant shower. dis is what i used when i was a medical clerk (4th yr med), nakakabandit shower ako s lugar n walang shower. Akala nila h….matinik kaya ito…

  8. Johnny says:

    Hi Jinoe — I’m equally stressed out lately given the workload and schedules that I have — full days and long nights!!! That means no running for 2 weeks now since Condura. And I’m flying out Saturday for a trip to Australia. Looks like I’m gonna sit out Greenfields 21K for the meantime — I’d rather have a quality run and forcing it again. I’ll need to invest in that running kit you mention so that at any point in time, I’ll run. So far, wala pang opening. Good luck with yours!!

  9. gudang says:

    kahit deodorant lang ang wag mawala ehehe.. comment lang 😀

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