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Kwentong Barbero – Get Busy

In a previous post, I mentioned that barbers are one of the scariest people in manila. But lately, I had a barber whom I was comfortable with. Aside from the usual haircut, I get a quick massage and a short story. With my new barber, I try not to miss a haircut in a month. […]

New Balance Abzorb absorbs literally

Once in while, I check my running shoes for signs of wear and tear. It is a good habit that will tell you to start shopping for a new pair of shoes again. Hehehe.  That’s either a good news or a bad news. After the New Balance Power Race last Sunday, I was able to […]

Before and After

This photo was taken last year, November 19, 2007. My officemate sent it to me again after she noticed how much weight I have reduced since I started running again seriously. I was also surprised at how big I used to be. I was about 78 kilos here. And here I am now. I started […]

Consumer Notice

I am amazed by these ads or notices posted for the consuming public. Sometimes, they make me smile. Sometimes, they make me mad. Good thing, the customer is always right. 1. “Fast” food – I buy at fast foods because they are fast. And you pay so much more for the fast service. So why […]

VSO Fun Run – More faces and a new MR

After getting some pains on my shins last week, I decided to run a 10K instead. This is to the delight of Quennie who likes me to run along with her every race. Too bad she can’t run with me at 25K at the NB Power Race next week. This is to my delight. Hehehe. […]

3 Runs and an MR

It’s been while since I had made a post in this blog. So I summarized my runs this past two weeks. I am preparing for the 25K Run at Clark this November. So I made 3 long runs to make sure I am prepared for it. A long run for me is anything above 10K. […]

Running at 2,500 feet

Tagaytay City. This is where I had my weekend run. It has been a while since I have been in this place. I used to be here often when my boarding house was still in Cavite. We would usually go to Picnic Grove and Mushroom Burger but I have never been to People’s Park In […]

The Premarital Chronicles – Budget Wars

The biggest challenge in staging the dream wedding is the budget. That is why Quennie and I are reading a lot of materials on wedding preps and some tips on how to save. While our budget is low compared to Manila standards, it is already considered high for Bacolod standards. One of our college teachers […]

Hope in Motion 3 Fun Run

When we joined the Happy Feet Practice Run a few weeks ago, we were invited to join the Hope in Motion 3 at Ayala Alabang. I have never run in Alabang since the is too far already. But there was a carpool available so I was glad to join them again this Sunday. It was […]

.MOV 3

My high school friends and I went to watch .mov 3 at Robinson’s Galleria last Wednesday to view the screening of our high classmate’s shortfilm. .MOV is a filmfest of movies from digital filmmakers which started last 2002. This year, films are shown at Robinson’s Galleria from September 30 to October 7, 2008. This is […]

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