Wayne's Video Scandal



Thanks to Philip for the idea of coming up with catchy titles.

I first met Wayne in cyberspace. He had comments on my blog about running. Later, he started his own blog at sfrunner.wordpress.com. From there, I learned more about him and his running career. And soon, we became connected like most of the other runners. Middle of this year, he stated his plans of visiting the Philippines to run the races and to meet fellow runners.

Wayne arrived last November. While he was here, he has been busy with lunch and dinner invitations. I missed one of those dinner invitations but I was lucky to run with him at Ayala Triangle last Thurday morning.

We run side by side and kept on chatting. Whatelse but about running. I asked for a few tips from him. He mentioned Quennie’s potential in running. We talked about running in the Philippines and his plans of coming back again soon.

Running at Ayala Triangle with Mon, Sensei John, Quennie, and Wayne

Running at Ayala Triangle with Mon, Sensei John, Quennie, and Wayne

This man is amazing. Despite a luster-packed running portfolio, Wayne maintains to be humble. He is very eager to share his knowledge on running. He always gives you that approving smile when he sees you after the run. And he encourages you to keep on running. I’m a lucky runner to know someone like Wayne.

Wayne, you’d always be welcome here in the Philippines. Asteeg!!!
Advance Happy Birthday to you. Am I right? Dec 9?

Oh, here’s the video I was talking about. We took it at Tanya’s place the night before the New Balance Power Race. It’s Wayne announcing his plan for a second coming to the Philippines and the plan to retire here in the country. Thanks to Doc Gigi for sharing this video.




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3 Responses to “Wayne's Video Scandal”

  1. norbertanora says:

    Abi ko yah, “ano” na!

    Having experienced the one-of-a-kind Filipino hospitality, Wayne–the San Franciso runner left his heart in the Phils.

  2. foreignrunner says:

    It happens due to the hospitality of the people here. We owe it all to you guys. Since we arrived here we have felt just welcome. Maraming salamat po para sa tulong ninyo rit!!! I intend to stay here forever as well!!!

  3. sfrunner says:

    OMG. Busted and on video no less! Jinoe, this was great and thank you. Yes, my bday is December 9th.

    Nora and Philip couldn’t have said it any better and I feel the very same way. There’s something about the country that is magical and noticed it from the arrival.

    Jinoe, you and Quennie, along with everyone I met over the 10 days, are terific! For some that I missed, I’ll see you next round.

    I’m working on something for the yearbook and will pass it on to you soon! Please take care, say hello to Quennie and everone for me and have a good weekend.

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