My 3Ms for 2009



Looking forward, I realized that next year will be 3 big Ms for me. What are those three big Ms? Here they are.

  1. Married Life – Whoa. Im getting married next year. Im not yet married but its sucking the juices out of me. From the budget to the preparations, Im getting a taste of married life.
  2. Master’s Degree – This is something I have never touched since August 2007. Now, I feel so guilty not doing anything for more than a year to complete my thesis. I am so close yet so far. Next year is a must-do-the-thesis year. I have to complete it by March 2010. Or else, my tenure will expire and I’ll be back to square one. That will hurt even more.
  3. Marathon – After a failed attempt to join the Singapore Marathon this year, my eyes is set to run a marathon next year. However, the physical preparations is in direct conflict with the mental efforts needed for item #2. I must choose between the two. Someone told me that the MS Degree is more important than finishing a marathon. Problem is, I love running more. 😀 Like my thesis, I have done enough mileage to prepare for a marathon that I hate to stop it and go back again to square one in 2010
    One option is to do the marathon early next year. Deal with it and get over with it. Then, during the year long recovery, deal with the thesis. Sounds like a good plan.  Pasig Marathon anyone?

As for #1, there is no conflict with that. I have to say it just to be clear. Hehehe.

Here I go 2009!



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7 Responses to “My 3Ms for 2009”

  1. ibetlacbay says:

    Sigurado naman na you will accomplish M #1 and most likely you will do M#3. Medyo mahirap yung M #2 dahil time and effort yan pero kaya mo rin yan. goodluck!

    Thanks Wil. Goodluck din sa US trip mo. Make us proud. 😀

  2. cathydaza says:

    “Someone told me that the MS Degree is more important than finishing a marathon. Problem is, I love running more. ”

    LOL! Heartbreak yan, MR!

    Advance congrats to you and Queenie. I wonder if the Takbo pips will be invited. Or we can gatecrash in your wedding?

    Heartbreak nga. 😀

    And it will be a wedding ceremony not a race event. So baka hindi ko ma-invite and mga takbo peeps dun. Ehe. Pero pwede rin mag gatecrash, basta si Rico ang bahala sa Taho ninyo during the reception. 😀

  3. Philip says:

    One of two things:

    If you go for the marathon this year and miss your thesis, the thesis will only happen then again in 4 years… and marathons is every year…
    do long runs on the weekend as a way of relaxation of studying hard for the week as a way of reward and do your midweek runs slow also as a reward then you can still do a marathon when you want and finnish your thesis..

    I like option 2 more Enjoy your day

    Hi Philip. Option 2 sound good so I can meet all three in a year. 😀 Yeah!
    Btw, congrats on the podium finish yesterday.

  4. ricov says:

    LSDs clear the mind. Maybe you can “write” your thesis while you do your long runs? Love of running is so potent you may even get to love your thesis. Good luck with your M&Ms :-)

    Thanks Rico.
    I prefer to separate both. It a good idea to think about the thesis while running. But I might also end up thinking about running while doing the thesis. Hehehe…

  5. bards says:

    pag LSDs over 2 hours mauubusan ka na ng maiisip. no choice ka but to think about your thesis. unless may math and computations sya slightly difficult yata tumakbo ng may calculator hehe

    good luck on your MMMs!

    Math and computations while running?
    Reminds me of Achimedes when he discovered bouyancy while bathing. He shouted EUREKA, got out of the tub and run naked to report his findings to the king. Hmm… Im not sure if he did run naked but I have higher tendencies to do something like that.

  6. Christy says:

    dear jinoe,
    first of all, i really like your photo “with the two guys” (the header).
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your genius work, the
    Merry Christmas na rin at happy new year.
    Sana magawa mo lahat ang 3Ms next year. Good luck.

    Thanks Christy.
    The two guys were my friends. I also hope they could run again with us someday.

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