Rain Spoiled My Day



I can’t call this my Milo story. It’s not worth for even a glass of Milo. While everyone was out in the rain running during the 32nd Milo Marathon, I was fast asleep. I did wake up at 5:00 am to prepare. But the rain was a bit strong at our end that I decided not to go for it. Bummer.

I hate rain. I am not prepared for it. And I hate myself for not facing it. I felt depressed that I went shopping for a new pair of running shoes instead. I would have this shoe reserved for rain sessions. I still need a rain jacket so I hope to get one that fits me within the week.

Anyway, tomorrow I will run. Rain or shine. It’s about time I try these new shoes on a wet road. And I prefer that it rains tomorrow morning.

Congratulations to IbanRunner and Prometheus Cometh for finishing the Milo Marathon yesterday. Now they have turned into superhuman lifeforms. Cool.

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5 Responses to “Rain Spoiled My Day”

  1. ibanrunner says:

    Hi Jinoe… I was hoping to meet you…. if I were you, I would return to bed too,,, its nice to continue sleeping while its raining outside… Prepare for NIKE race Aug. 31. I might join coz there are some friends from AIIAS wanted to join and they ask me to join them. If not, Subic Sept.7. Train! Train! and I hope to run with you. Have a nice rainy week bro. Keep running!…

    I was hoping to be there as well and meet you guys. I can’t sleep well actually when I got back to bed imagining how the excitement of running will overcome my hatred on the rain.

    I don’t think I can join the Human Race since I dont have a pair of Nike. Another plan for a race crash I guess. My next run will be the Miracle Run this Aug 17.

  2. prometheuscometh says:

    Dont worry about it. I just missed a race I was supposed to run last week. You can’t run your best if you don’t feel comfortable with the conditions!

    Never joined a Milo since I started running. Maybe that what keeps me frustrated about it. Congrats for finishing it.

  3. Nora says:

    It’s really a matter of conditioning the mind, Jinoe. I already anticipated a rainy Milo Marathon so last Friday, I actually ran under the rain to prepare for it. But don’t feel sad, guilty, or something. You don’t run to please anybody else. You run to please yourself. If you think you’re not yet ready to enjoy running under the rain, then DON’T! But believe me Jinoe, that day will come. I have experienced it yesterday and I’m willing to do it over and over again!

    I did anticipate it too. There was none to drive me to join since I wasnt registered in the first place. But now I’m ready for the rain. Just got a jacket and an alternate shoe for those rainy occasions.

  4. thefitmommy says:

    HI Jinoe! Okay lang yun – there’s always the next race… And at least now you have a rain jacket and new shoes… I’ll also be looking for trail/ waterproof shoes and socks for future rainy races and trail races too… Did you get trail/ waterproof shoes?

    I got another trainer. Basa na kung basa. I wanted to get a trail shoes too since I want to try running on the rough roads at our province. Next time na siguro since my purchases lately were already out of budget. 😛

  5. sfrunner says:

    Hi Jinoe. Having been by in awhile. Hope everything’s well. Good luck in the Miracle Run August 17th.

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