My Road to Riches – Another Inconvenient Truth



I found that there is nothing convenient about convenience stores when it comes to prices.

I used to buy some snacks during work at a convenience store beside the gasoline station. Chips, biscuits, and candies. I also buy some sports drinks whenever I finish running at Ministop or 7-11. Later, I compared the prices when I did my groceries and I can’t believe how much I was paying these convenience stores compared to buying them at the grocery.

For the common things I buy, the difference in the price was as low as 5 pesos. It was as high as 30 pesos on imported cookies. Started calculating how much more I have been spending all this time at these convenience stores.

Now, I don’t visit the convenience store near our office. I also started to include snack items in my grocery list and bring them to work instead. I also buy sports drinks in the grocery and drink them once I arrive at home after running. It saves me a lot every month and I get have more options in what to buy.

Convenience is an expensive commodity these days.



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2 Responses to “My Road to Riches – Another Inconvenient Truth”

  1. ibanrunner says:

    hi manokan express, thanks for dropping by at my site. Im still learning to get use with wordpress. Im a slow learner. Anyway, I really wish to worship in Pasay, unfortunately I have to attend the pathfinder program after church. So, maybe after the program I’ll go to Manila. R u joining the Milo marathon this sunday?…hope to meet you sometime.

  2. thefitmommy says:

    That’s why they call it 7-11. Kung 7 pesos sa Grocery, sa kanila it’s 11 pesos yung item :)

    If you like sports drinks like Gatorade – better if you buy them in bulk and just store it in the house. Buy a thermos box to keep your drinks cool. It is cheaper in the long run :)

    Yep, I started buying them by bulk too. I have stored a few PET bottles of Gatorade and Propel at home.

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