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Mizuno Rush to Infinity Run 2008

I haven’t run any road races yet since he year started. I was unfortunate to have missed the first Mizuno Infinity Run last March. I didn’t make it to the registration cut off time. Luckily, they organized another Mizuno run last Sunday. And I made sure I get to run this one. I signed up […]

Stool Stories

If there is one exam I don’t want to take, its the Annual Physical Exam. I hate it so much that this will be my second hate blog about that. The first one was here. I hated the undressing in front of the doctor, getting the specimens, plus all the blood and dirt. Yesterday, we […]

The Office Breakfast Club – Culture Crash

We often have visitors from other countries who would visit our office. It is intereseting to see how the different cultures would clash and something funny would result from it. Here are a few stories… *** We went out for dinner and had a buffet at a Filipino restuarant. It was his first time to […]

Ambigram – Bongga

Here’s another design for my Proud to be Pinoy series. I wanted to create some ambigrams for some Filipino words. I have made Maldito and Maldito previously. Here is a design for Bongga. How do you translate Bongga in English? Continue reading >>

My 21Km Goal

It all started with a frustration of not running a 10Km marathon during the schools sportsfest in high school. That’s why, part of my personal goals is to run a full 10km before reaching the age of 40. I did that last 2005 and have been doing it often in the past years. So what’s […]

Way of the Sun

Viaje del Sol or “Way of the Sun”. That’s what they call the journey to the hidden destinations in Laguna, Batangas and Quezon. If you thought Laguna was just for the hot spring resorts, Batangas was just for beaches and Quezon was just for the mountain trekkers, Viaje del Sol will surprise you. Viaje del […]

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