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The City Next Door: Dumaguete City

Whenever I hear about Dumaguete, Siliman University and the Rizal Boulevard comes to my mind and nothing else.  I mean, what is there besides those two?  Usually, these are the only places people will associate with Dumaguete.  So a trip to Dumaguete would sound boring to me.  But Portia, my high school friend,  says there is more […]

Seeing the other side of Negros

I just got back from a 5-day trip to the other side of Negros.  I have visited Negros Oriental, Apo Island and Siquijor.  A great vacation before the year ends.  Although I grew up in Bacolod and visited several town in Negros Occidental, I have never been to Negros Oriental.  When Cebu Pacific offered the Piso Fare early […]

Ambigram – Vista

I just thought of working on this one when I made an ambigram wallpaper for a friend.  I liked how the ambigram of her name looked like as a wallpaper on my desktop so I decided to make one for myself.  The word “vista” came to my mind since I am using Windows Vista and […]

Ambigram – Doug

I am very much in the mood to work on ambigrams this week.  I was able to work on three.  This is my second ambigram for the week.  The recent holidays are giving me plenty of time to work on them.  This ambigram is for my boss.  Sip sip ba.  The design just came to […]

Torpe Diary (Part 2 of 2)

Read part 1 here She loves me not Not with a guy like me.  I always remembered that. I never gave her the drawing.  I never gave her anything since it won’t be worth it.  We continued with our lives and I’d just hear about her from friends.  I’d also see her with other men.  I […]

Ambigram – Modee

Here’s an ambigram request from my officemate – Modee.  Quite a unique name and I sometimes wonder where that name came from.  But she says that its easy to remember the name by associating it with the word “model”.  That closely describes her as well.  So I made an ambigram that seems to be fit […]

Torpe Diary (Part 1 of 2)

After Long Silence William Butler Yeats   Speech after long silence; it is right, All other lovers being estranged or dead, Unfriendly lamplight hid under its shade, The curtains drawn upon unfriendly night, That we descant and yet again descant Upon the supreme theme of Art and Song: Bodily decrepitude is wisdom; young We loved […]

Our Best Friend's Wedding – Dandy & Bambii

We attended a wedding last week at Batangas.  It was John David and Bambii’s wedding.  A highly anticipated wedding of the year for us for several reasons. This is the first wedding of our high school barkada.  We still can’t believe that John is getting married this year.  He was the last to have a girlfriend […]

The Big Guns of Corregidor

We went to Corregidor last October 1.  It was supposed to be the day before, but there was a storm signal level 1 in Manila and Corregidor.  It was the day after that the weather was better but still the rain keeps coming.  But no amount of rain could stop us from enjoying our trip. A Little History […]

Scary People in Manila

Haloween is still far away but I am writing about the people I am scared of in Manila.  As much as possible I avoid them.  But they are everywhere and I often need to meet them.  I wonder why they get scary here in Manila when in Bacolod I don’t have problems dealing with them.  […]

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