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I am very much in the mood to work on ambigrams this week.  I was able to work on three.  This is my second ambigram for the week.  The recent holidays are giving me plenty of time to work on them.  This ambigram is for my boss.  Sip sip ba.  The design just came to my mind upon realizing the letters can be easily modified to compliment each other when inverted.

Ambigram - Doug

The D-G inversion was done by just doing little modification on the letter D.  The o-u comes quite often in ambigrams and this is usually the best solution to the letters.  The resulting ambigram is very readable.  Readability is the biggest challenge in making an ambigram.  I have to make sure the design is easy to read and the viewer doesn’t have a hard time figuring out the letters.  It’s not every often I could encounter words that would be this easy.  Some request in my emails are very challenging.

I am done with the third ambigram for the week.  But I might be doing some minor revisions before posting it.  Until next time.

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  1. koreanmine says:

    so coooolllll… ds angels n demons thingy… wats even cool -er … the ambigram request 😀 hehe nice work.. hats up

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