Gimme 10 – A Romantic Idea



This month Que and I will be celebrating 10 years of being together.  It has been a long way to get where we are right now.  Despite the dull moments and misunderstandings in those years, we still end up loving each other.  The fact that we have been together for ten years would surprise many people.  They’d be more surprise to know we haven’t seriously talked about settling down yet. 

I wanted to look back on those ten years.  What happened?  What were the best memories we had?  What were the bad ones?  What do we want to happen in the future?  It was from these questions I decided to make a scrapbook to keep those memories.  So for a week, I secretly made a scrapbook using the following materials:

  1. Old magazines.  Any magazines will do like magazines on fashion, electronics and travel.  Picture we cut out and pasted on the scrapbook.
  2. Scissors or Cutter
  3. Glue or double-sided tape
  4. Scrapbooks.  I got mine from Papemelroti
  5. Some collection of qoutation which were glued on pages of the scrapbook.  Still from Papemelroti.  Scrapbooking stuff can also be brought at National Bookstore.  But I find them expensive so I tried to make some myself using magazine cut-outs.


I made two scrapbooks.  One for me and one for Quennie.  Each of us will write on the scrapbook based on a selected question.  Every week, at least 3 questions will be answered to form a list of 10.  Once the list is completed, the entries will be read.  To add some spice to it, Quennie will get a chance to pick a prize from the love box.  Hopefully, we would be able to fill up the pages before the month of September ends.

We have already started filling up the pages.  I’ll be posting some of them here.  The first question was this:  What are the 10 things I hate about you?  I will write what I hate about Que and Que will come up the same list about me.  Drop by again soon to know what were written.



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4 Responses to “Gimme 10 – A Romantic Idea”

  1. 10 years! Wow. Congratulations to both of you. We are only on our 7th year… and there have been so many memories to talk and of course blog about! Cheers to both of you…

  2. Jap says:

    scrapbooking. probably one of the reasons why you and Que have gone this far hehehe =) congrats!

  3. normandy says:

    wOw! 10 years of being together is indeed a blessing… Ang galing nyo! Wag nyo naman sana paabutin ng another 10 years bago yung hinihintay nating event… Anyways… Congratulations!

  4. roxiegirl says:

    i salute you! this sure is a romantic idea. nurture that which keeps you bonded together. be merry and celebrate your 10 years!

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