F.A.M.E. Fun Run 2007



Last Sunday, we joined the 2nd F.A.M.E Fun Run 2007 which was held at the Mall of Asia.  This is a milestone event for us since this will be the first time Quennie will be running for10K and my sister will join her first fun run at 5K.

The Practice

Quennie decided to try a 10K after seeing a friend accidentally completing it.  This challenged her to go out of her comfort zone at 5K.  For more than a month, we practiced at the CCP Complex and I would accompany her for 1 hour every Sunday.

During the first few sessions, we would jog for 40  mins straight, then walk for the next 10 mins and finish off with another 10 min jog.  Later, my officemate suggested to break it of to smaller chucks.  So we revised it with 5 sets of a 10 min jog and a 1 min walk each.

Quennie brought a new pair of New Balance shoes.  And to complete her gear, I bought her a Timex Ironman watch as a birthday present so she can monitor her time.

The Race

It was a gloomy Sunday morning.  Rain was starting to pour before the race started but was quickly gone.  I noticed a few participants that day.  Some of our officemates weren’t able to make it.  If not for a platoon of maritime students joining the race, there would be only be a few runners.

The track was nice and clean.  It was free from vehicles thus we can run with gusto.  There were also plenty of water stations but not plenty of water.  The last station ran out of water for the 10K runners.

Que and I run together for the whole race.  We started by running for 40mins before stopping for a 5 minute walk.  By that time, we are able to cover a little more than 5K already.  Then, we took the 10-1 cycle again:  10min jog, 1min walk.  This allowed us to maintain normal breathing and minimize fatigue while running.

At the finish line

Thanks to my sister and Floyd, we have an evidence that we crossed the finish line.  Here’s a video my sister took while we were approaching the finish line.  We didn’t follow Floyd’s instruction to go “slowmo” since we were after the time.  Que and I completed it together at 1 hr and 24 mins.  To our surprised, Que ranked 19th among the female 10K finishers.  As for my sister, she finished 20th among the 5K female runner.  Too bad there wont be a cash prize. 


The aftermath

First times can really be painful.  We ended up sleeping the whole afternoon and skipping lunch when we got home.  It was almost 5pm when we woke up.  The next day, I had a fever and diarrhea.  Que just had the usual body aches.  Unfair.



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6 Responses to “F.A.M.E. Fun Run 2007”

  1. nakakainggit…… sana magkasabay tayo sa king of the road minsan……. hehe……

    my record is….. 1H 30M more or less….. it was my first time…. 10k race kaya medyo mtagal. ^^

  2. Jap says:

    Off topic…Happy Birthday, Jin =)

  3. intsik says:

    Oist! Can u meet me in Manila Jin? hehehehehe

  4. badoodles says:

    ayos na bonding moments. ano yang fame fun run, ignorante kasi ako. pede ba ang mga hindi sikat jan? baka next year e makapag-marathon din kami ng bebeKo.

    It’s a fun run sponsored ng F.A.M.E.. Nakalimutan ko kung ano ibig sabihin nun. There are fun runs almost every month. Kahit sino pwede sumali. Pwede rin maglakad. Hehehe. Check my running logs page for upcoming events or http://www.philrunners.netfirms.com/schedule.htm. Magandang bonding moment nga to.

  5. elizabeth says:

    congratulations jin and que. and also, belated happy bday. it’s quite impressive, what you two have accomplished physically, keep it up, it is always nice to be active and stay healthy.

  6. girltrouble2007@yahoo.com says:

    Those shorts are challenging.

    I used to wear jogging pants. But I was scolded by another runner to wear shorts since pants are heavier. He was way older but stronger. That gave me the challenge to wear shorts during fun runs. It’s more comfortable.

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