Finally… I proposed…



I prepared so long for this day.  So many thoughts were in my mind.  This is one day that I have dreamed of for a long time already.  And now I’m ready.  Will I get a positive response?

A special day calls for a special preparation.  I had a good night sleep.  I rehearsed my lines over and over again.  I prepared all my materials.  I neatly pressed my clothes.  I shined my shoes.

I woke up early.  Gathered my things and went straight to school.  Although my thesis proposal defense was still three hours away, I decided to come early to make the necessary arrangements.  I cleaned up the room assigned for the defense.  I borrowed a projector.  I bought some snacks and water for the panel.  I rehearsed my slide presentation and made the necessary adjustments.

Finally, the time came for my proposal defense.  I presented to the panel my thesis proposal, what my thesis is all about, what is its significance and why it is a worthy topic for a research.  The panel then asked a few questions regarding the expected outcome.  They argued a few things as to what the finished product should be and added several details on the specific objectives.  This means some added work than I first planned.

After an hour of deliberation, I had my thesis proposal approved.  It means I can start working on the prototype and prepare for the final defense once it is completed.  At first, I plan to complete everything by December.  However, I might need a few more time and decided to delay it for another semester.  At least, I am closer to my dream to completing my master’s degree.

Many might have assumed that I was proposing for marraige.  After all, I’m at the right age.  Well, that topic needs more study.  The fact that my thesis proposal came first than a marrige proposal proves that getting married is much more complicated than writing a thesis.



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13 Responses to “Finally… I proposed…”

  1. badoodles says:

    uv got me there, haha! i thought ur proposing to someone and hear some blunders we all guys are prone in doing. mine’s a mess i won’t even want to remember. i mean the thesis.

  2. i agree with badoodles. gee… ei, can you lay down some of the highlights of your proposal?

    maybe we can shed some opinions/comments out of it. ^^

  3. gladita says:

    LOL! darn! i was expecting something romantic. 😀

  4. gbert says:

    Nyahahaha.. dali dali man ko basa ba.. hahaha ymuhat ka gid jin…

  5. brokenman says:

    i also thought marriage proposal ha ha ha :)

  6. tim ang says:

    akala ko rin marriagw proposal… congratulations.

  7. betchaitluc says:

    you tricked me jin, i thought you will be announcing that news between you and que that we had been waiting. anyway, congrats guid. i agree with you though, getting married needs a lot more preparation and consideration than writing a thesis. statistics will disagree though, very few did their master’s thesis before marriage. but to those who proceeded to masters and PhD, statistics would agree with your statement, since most of them finished it before marriage.

  8. jinoe says:

    Ehe… Sorry to disappoint you, ppol. 😀

  9. Maxie says:

    Jinoe! How can you say “Well, that topic needs more study.” when talking about getting married? Karon ma tapungolan ka da. Taking your time in getting married is a must. Just don’t announce it on your blog. hee hee.

  10. intsik says:

    lagtok gavan! i almost freaked out! waaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

    basi di ko ready na magpakasal ka? hehehehe

    anyways, i am proud of your achievement dear. of course, gavs, approved gd na knowing your capability. hehehehe

    marriage? hahahahhahahah ambot kay batman! basta it hsould happen when there is that need for it to happen. whatever man imo plan, i’m sure you’ll decide on the right time, with the right reason.

  11. portia says:

    hahahahaha! Typical Jinoe! As the bisayas woiuld say “Waturn!”
    Anyway, all the best of luck with your thesis. The proposal is the easy part, I tell you. The crunch is coming, so better be prepared… Mayo man na gani ah, nga unahon mo na anay, kay THE proposal is indeed harder in many ways….
    Good luck sa thesis, and to you and Queenie… we are all looking forward to your blog on the day you ask THE question…hehehe

  12. Jap says:

    This is it. You’re now officially married to your thesis hehehe congrats. but in contrast, I hope your ‘marriage’ will last for only a year, that way, you can get your masters degree and REALLY get married =)

  13. normandy says:

    you got me there! kala ko pa naman i will start preparing for the D-day…yun pala lintik na thesis lng na yan…anyways… dapat lang na maapprove yung proposal mo..aba e magaling ka sana next time..yung ibang proposal naman…yung kikiligin ang blog readers mo!

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