Cellphones makes me stupid



I read an article in the newspaper today that cellphones makes you poor in memorizing things.  The article even challenges you if you can still remember your landline number.  I don’t have a landline today but I can still remember my landline number when I were in high school.  I bet some of my high school friends can still recall it and I can remember some of their 5-digit numbers as well.  Can you?

It’s already a common knowledge that cellphones makes you poor in spelling.  Texting tends to simplify the words and eliminate several letters to make it fit into one text messages.  There were jokes of students having a failing grade since they don’t know how to spell correctly.

Now researches are looking into the effects of cellphones on memory.  The subjects can’t even recall birthdays of more than three family members.  I am guilty of this.  I don’t memorize phone numbers.  Before, its easy since it just consists of 5 numbers.  Now there are more than 10.  I only memorize my cellphone number and Quennie’s number.  I think it helps if you can recall at least one number other than yours in case of emergency.

I memorize more than 5 birthdays but I am dependent on my cellphone to remind me of these birthdays.  I place a reminder in the calendars to remind me.  That’s why I would sometimes be surprise when my phone will give an alarm and tell me that today is the birthday of a family member.  Then, I’d cram looking for what gift to give.

I am very dependent for reminders on my cellphones.  Whenever someone asks me for a favor, I place it on my cellphone’s calendar to remind me of the task.  Without it, there’s a 50-50 chance that I will remember it.

The price of technology.  It makes everything convenient.  Maybe that’s why its terribly devastating whenever I lost my cellphone.  All connections to people, events, and things goes with it.  How stupid, indeed.



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2 Responses to “Cellphones makes me stupid”

  1. elizabeth says:

    same here, it took me several months if not a year probably to finally memorize my hubby’s cell phone number and our landline without looking at my cell, stupid gid eh. especially that before i use to be everyone’s phonebook. if you ask me, i dont even know what is our homephone number in bacolod.

    Ako mn indi na ka memorize sg number sa balay subong. Ang daan lg kabisado ko pa ya. Basta ang kay Quennie memorize ko, ok na na. Let’s just hope they wont change their numbers soon.

  2. Jap says:

    Guilty too. Tani pwede ma-personalize ang numbers no? Like (0917)928-JINO hehehe

    Good idea. So that means everyone needs to have a 7-letter name. I’ll become JINOJIN just to fill in the letters. Hehehe.

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