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I stumbled on one episode of On the Lot at Star Movies Channel.  Its a new reality TV show featuring aspiring directors working their way in winning a 1 million dollar development deat with Dreamworks.  Wow!  Now I don’t want to miss an episode of this show.

I love watching movies.  The show will showcase the works of the contestants as part of their weekly tasks.  Im not sure how many contestants were there when it started.  Now there are only 15 after 3 were voted off last week.

What I love about the show is the fresh talent the contestants have to offer.  The movies are short but it is full of meaning.  Simple movies from simple directors and you can always relate to most of their works.  Of course, there are others that are really bad.  But many of them are really good shorts.  Hard to tell, who will eventually win.

Good thing the films can be viewed online at the On the Lot website.  www.thelot.com.  You might want to check them out.  Some personal favorites are Dance Man (Comedy Shorts) and Dough: The Musical (Week 3 Film).



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  1. Jap says:

    I’ve heard about this but didn’t have the chance to see it.

    BTW, I nominated you as one of the 10 emerging influential blogs in 2007. Check my blog for your co-nominees. Hope you make it =) hehe

  2. intsik says:


    I’ve seen the tv plugs but I never get to see an episode though…

    Nami gani ang feedback. Have you heard of the movie “Sigaw” where Richard Guttierez was the lead? They are remaking it in hollywood starring Jesse Bardford (Swimfan, Flags of our Fathers) and to be directed by Yam Laranas? Imagine!

  3. palagpat says:

    i love on the lot. unfortunately, wala cable tv sa uma. fortunately, there’s such thing like torrent download. wehehe… no commercial gaps pa.

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