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Before the year started, I wrote in my journal that one of my goals this year is to finish my Master’s Degree.  I started with my studies last 2005.  This is my third year and just the right time to complete all my requirements.  On the average, they said that it takes 2-3 years to complete a masters degree.

I felt excited to embark on this challenge.  It’s really mind draining since every statement, every data, every findings would be scrutinized.  I have to be an expert on my chosen topic.  I have to be confident that I know more than my panelists and they won’t find a single doubt with my academic study.

I started my topic without any concrete idea about it.  I started from a blank slate.  After six months of reading the literature, I’m finally confident that I know what I am doing.  Well, half of it.  I have the draft of the first 3 Chapters done.  But my adviser told me to revised all of Chapter 2.  I’m starting to complete the codes in Matlab.  I starting to visualize the circuit in VHDL. 

Half way there.  I still need to finalize my drafts, complete chapter 4 (Design Specifications or Methodologies), complete and optimize the codes, defend the thesis proposal.  I have to finish all this by the last week of June.  All these plus doing projects at work and in church.  This is one big ride of my life.

I can’t afford to waste time.  I lessen watching TV but I can’t help to take a glimpse at the lastest news and Pinoy Big Brother.  I am watch Game 1 of the NBA finals right now.  I don’t stay long at the malls like I used to.  I sleep a bit later than before.  I look like a geek reading technical papers while on the bus.  I look like a mad scientist talking to myself while walking in public trying to internalize the lastest information I read.

Everything is in full gears.  I hope I can finish this before the year ends.  So far, everything is according to plan.  This is one thing I feel good while doing it and one of the few things that is making sense in my life for now.  I holding on to it.

Hopefully tonight I would complete the codes and post it in my blog to share with others who might be doing a similar research.



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4 Responses to “In Full Gears”

  1. Jap says:

    Wow, good luck Jin! Giving up TV for a while is a small price to pay for an excellent result on your thesis. Congrats in advance =)

  2. intsik says:


    Dear, grabe ko ka proud sa imo achievement. Even during high school, u always think supre out of the box and ur chosen field is a testament to ur character.

    Something really great will come out of it. Not for a single time since I have known u (even during those “don’t-talk-to-me-episodes” that you had), I have doubted your reasons and goals. You always have your way (even with ur love dept).

    I agree, hang on to it.

    I’ll back you up with prayers. Ok ra na nimo, dong?

    Miz yu brew!

  3. intsik says:

    And Japs is right!

    There is always something positive about your post! hehehehehe

  4. myName says:

    Dear Sir,

    I like your code! YOU REALLY DID A GREAT JOB!!! thank you!

    Is there a chance you send me a copy of your thesis?
    thank you!

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