A never-ending debate on "-gelle" vs "-gol"



Triangle.  Is it pronounced as triang-gol or triang-gelle?

It’s a big issue.  A subject of debate, teasing and humiliation.  Which side are you?  That depends on where you are from.  If you grew up in Luzon you’d probably say triang-ghel.  If you grew up in the Visayas, like the Ilonggo and Cebuano, you’d say traing-gol.


If you stay in Luzon, there’s no problem since everyone says it in the same way.  If you stay in the Visayas, there’s no problem as well since everyone says it in the same way.  But having stayed in Manila, I get giggles and laughter whenever I say triang-gol, rectang-gol, and tricy-col.

Who’s right?


Everyone agrees that table is ta-bol and apple is ap-pol.  At least, here’s a baseline where we can start from.  I consulted Mr. Webster.

Main Entry: ap·ple
Pronunciation: ‘a-p&l

Main Entry: ta·ble
Pronunciation: ‘tA-b&l

Main Entry: tri·an·gle
Pronunciation: ‘trI-“a[ng]-g&l

Main Entry: rect·an·gle
Pronunciation: ‘rek-“ta[ng]-g&l

Main Entry: tri·cy·cle
Pronunciation: ‘trI-s&-k&l, -“si-k&l

This will mean that the words apple, table, triangle and rectangle are pronounced similarly on the last syllables.  Therefore, it should be triang-gol and rectang-gol and tricy-col.


So that’s how it should be.

Circle (‘s&r-k&l) is cir-kol.  Not cir-khel.
Bible (‘bI-b&l)is Bi-bol.  Not Bi-bhel.
Terrible (‘ter-&-b&l)is terri-bol.  Not terri-belle.


Case dismissed.




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3 Responses to “A never-ending debate on "-gelle" vs "-gol"”

  1. gbert says:

    wahahaha… trianggol, mirakol and popsikol… basta kay sakto pronunciation ta… hahaha

  2. Jap says:

    How about “tingle”? Is it tingol or tingel? I think you should definitely be accurate with this one unless you want to be mistaken as a perv LoL the safest way to go about this predicament is just to pronounce “-gle” or “-cle” words as “gull” or “cull” =)

  3. ris says:

    korek ka dyan!!! pa session ta debate sa tv. hehehe… pamati-a bala sila mag english sa call centers kay ga “cir-cull” ang circle, “arti-cull” ang article. pero kung mag snacks ga “noodel” ang noodle. heheheh… :)

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