Small Talks – 1



I heard that the company will provide monetary assistance if your spouse is giving birth.  It’s about 25,000 Php.  I thought, what if your spouse give birth four times in a year?  Imagine, that will be 100,000 a year.  How possible can it be?


Trivia from a friend. 
Define an “Italyano”.  Ita + Ilocano = Italyano


An officemate found a new business idea.  He noticed that an elementary school near his subdivision is getting a good number of enrollees every year.  The school’s name is Nineveh, which could be inspired by the Bible story of Jonah.  He plans to set up a school also and name it from a Bible.  His school will be called Sodom and Gommorah.  I wonder what will they be teaching the kids?



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3 Responses to “Small Talks – 1”

  1. Monsky Ganda says:

    hehehe si Bart B siguro nakaisip non…. tsk tsk tsk… sobra ka naman 4times in a year manganak…. Ano yun? Inahing baboy? 😛

  2. jgavan101 says:

    Monasky… si Bart B nga yun. At kung kaya ba naman nga 4 e, why not?

  3. Jap says:

    And kung ceasarian each time manganak? 50,000 per pop. Wag na lang, not worth it LoL

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