My Road to Riches – The Coin Bank



I learned to start saving since I was a kid.  That’s why I have a habit of saving.  Of course, I started out small.  I started with the basics — a coin bank.  Today, I still have a coin bank for the coins and a paper bank for the paper bills.

It’s easy to keep coins.  One coin can seem to be negligible.  But once they are many, it amounts to something significant.  The best part is, there are those people who think they are negligible and are willing to give them away.  I can ask for 1 peso from 100 people and keep them in the coin bank.

One bad habit when having the coin bank is the temptation to open it prematurely.  This is very true if the coin bank is a big one and I am impatient to wait for it to be full.  So I would open it up a little.  Poke the coins to fall out from the slot and buy a nice popsicle stick.  The next day, I’d do the same, and then the next and then another until there’s nothing to poke.

I once tried recycling a soda can as a coin bank.  Soda cans are small and can be easily filled up in a few months.  If filled to the top, it can store 200pesos worth of 1 peso coins or 800pesos worth of 5 peso coins.  I use the savings to buy gifts, pay at department stores or boutiques, and offering at church. 

I love seeing the eyes of the cashier whenever they see those coins that needs to be counted.  Those waiting in line are either giggling or grumbling.  At church, the deacon is always surprised by the sudden increase in weight of the offering basket.

Sometimes I feel disappointed in keeping coins.  I know the coin bank is almost full, but when I start counting it, it is not enough to buy what I wanted.  It will just amount to a few hundred pesos.  That’s why I started keeping a paper bank.  From the paper bank, I was able to buy a few small appliances and other needs for the boarding house.

Having a paper bank has another advantage.  Poking it can lead to disaster.  I tried poking a bill once and I almost teared it off in desperate attempt to buy something.  That’s why my paper bank is still intact after almost 3 years.  I’m saving it to buy some gadget I’m yearning for.  Three years in the making, huh?  It must be good.



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4 Responses to “My Road to Riches – The Coin Bank”

  1. gbert says:

    i’m the type of person who can’t save especially in a coin bank… waaah gastador guid ko katama… pero mau lang kay si eve accountant, sagad guid magsave… siya naman, ten peso coins ang ginasave, kis-a gadugang man ko cya piggy bank without her knowing… hehehe

  2. I can ask for 1 peso from 100 people and keep them in the coin bank.- — kotong? hehe

    When I was I kid, I used to save coins in my coin bank until I had a frustrating experience: my coin bank was stolen by our housemaid :( Since then I never ever save money. hehe

  3. Jap says:

    Is there a secret to this? A 101 on saving I should be aware about? My concept of saving is this: an ATM is an electronic wallet. Help! =)

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