Running for more than 500 kilometers already



Last Sunday marks my first year anniversary in joining long distance running. I have been running 5K, 10K and 8 mile marathons for one year already not including the practices on threadmills and on the road.

I joined the International Pasig Marathon for the 2nd time. Now on its third year, it continues to draw a lot of participants. There were runners from the US, Germany and Kenya. The winner was a Filipino and he imposed a big lead.

Last year, I run with only one officemate. We finished it after more than an hour. We were exhausted but delighted to have completed our first ever 10 kilometer race. We vowed to join more fun runs and invite more runners. This year we ran with more than 40 of our officemates. Five of us joined the 10K while others run 5K and 3K distances. I finished 2nd in our group with a time of 59 minutes and 35 seconds. Almost 10 minutes better than my previous run.

3rd International Pasig Marathon

We have organized a Running Club in our office. We run a 4K route regularly within the business park. Every other month, we organize a fun run. We were happy to gather 72 runners in our last run.

Since February 2006, I have completed four 10K, four 5K and one 8 miler. I’ll just keep on running. This year, I’ll be practicing for longer distances like a half-marathon (21K) or a 10 miler (16K). Soon, I want to complete a full marathon (42K). That will take a lot of practice and discipline to achieve that. So far, I know I’m improving in my pace and endurance. Moving up with more miles will be a big test.

Thanks to Bong Tan for the picture.  For more pics of the event, visit his website here.



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