John Legend makes my butt wiggle



 John Legend – Once Again.  I love this album.  I listen to it especially when travelling for almost two hours from work to home.  Sexy and relaxing.  This is one of the few albums that I love to listen from the first track up to the last track.  I don’t need to skip a song in my player.  If you like something slow, R&B and sexy songs, you will like this album.  When I say sexy songs, these are the songs that makes my butt wiggle in a sexy way that I cannot control.

 My favorite tracks are Save Room, Heaven, P.D.A., Maxine and Where Did My Baby Go.  Next will be Show me, Each day gets better, and Slow Dance.



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One Response to “John Legend makes my butt wiggle”

  1. mark says:

    Hmm…. My favorite from John Legend is “Ordinary People”..

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