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My Road to Riches – Turning a Hobby into a Business

I wanted to have my own business someday.  I am inspired by those simple people making it big in business, office workers turned entrepreneur, and several new franchise ideas that made money.  A lot of business ideas are coming to my mind as well.  Some are related to my passion like setting up a bookstore, […]

Save Tanon Strait – Ilonggo and Cebuano Bloggers UNITE!

Save Tanon Strait by signing the online petition here. Tanon Strait separates Negros and Cebu.  It is a home to almost 50% of the dolphins and whales species found in the Philippines making one of the highest concentration of marine mammals in the country.  This reflects the rich marine life in this part of my […]

My Road to Riches – Cents Matters

Would waste your time for 25 cents? This is what I hate when buying in department stores.  They ask you to pay 499.75 but they wont have a change for your 500 bill.  You have been taxed by the government.  They placed a mark-up on the price.  And now they wont even give you your […]

Ambigram + Bleach Art

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STOP acting like kids… and do it like the farmers

The news is depressing.  They are all acting like kids.  I wonder how our country will grow up if the people themselves don’t think like grown ups.  When problems arise, they don’t act like mature individual who would sit down together and have a atmosphere of open communication.  They’d rather run and hide behind the media […]

Ambigram – Mimi

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5th Animo Run

This is the first Animo Run that we have participated.  The fun run is organized yearly by the DLSU Running Club.  We got good feedbacks about the way the fun run was organized last time.  So this year, we decided to take part.  We had very little practice before the race.  I was only able […]

Ambigram – Ebet

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Siquijor Demystified

This is the final leg of our November Vacation Trilogy.  Siquijor has been known as the Mystic Island because it is popular for its healer and supernatural stories.  When we planned to go here, we dont have any idea what to do or where to go.  We didn’t even plan to stay here for the […]

Nothing Small About Apo

Next stop of our November vacation trilogy was Apo Island.  I never knew the place until Portia mentioned it.  I thought it was far and unreachable.  Then I started doing research about the island.  The more I learned about it, the more excited I became to go to this island. Apo Island is just a small […]

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